the Cirx Foundation, making education and labor acceptable

A world where a foundation makes work for everyone reachable.
A world where a foundation makes education possible for everyone desiring it.
a foundation world wide, both in rich parts and poor countries.
A foundation world wide, with the same income and possibilities for all members.

Poor countries with primitive cultural values where education is not available have acces to this foundation offering education in the
same way as in rich countries where laws ensure safety and freedom.
members from poor countries can be relocated to be effective. And these members will receive jobqualification in the same way as memebrs from other regions

The foundation is not aimed at making profit. So all surplus income is re-invested in the foundation. re-investing to make the initiative globally available with good quality of education and labor.

Attending education at this foundation means that all copyright or patented discoveries are named by the foundation.
the foundation holds copyright, patent and benefits.
Everyone being educated has the plight to use that educational value to fullfill their job.
So its not a way of getting education and leaving for getting their own profit.

This initiative for this foundation is ideally worldwide and global.
(aspirant) members can be relocated for optimal education or labor. (worldwide)
Below there is a link to a card and a paper on this subject.

Cirx Card
Cirx Paper

For a special view on education within this foundation a card and paper is below.
Cinx Card
Cinx Paper